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Nails / Fasteners - $95.00 per box

Nails / Fasteners - $95.00 per box
Nails / Fasteners - $95.00 per box Nails / Fasteners - $95.00 per box
Brand: Tiger Turf
Product Code: Nails / Fasteners
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Nails / Fasteners


What are Nails used for?

Nails are used as a turf fastener on perimeter edges of the installation. A typical landscape installation will require that the staples or nails be used every 5" to 6" apart from each other. (1) 50lb. box of 5" 40D fasteners will cover approximately 2,000 - 3,000 sq. ft. of turf being installed. The amount that 1 box of nails will yield is dependent on how far apart each nail is spaced from each other in the installation process. As a general rule though, the nails should be spaced approximately 5" - 6" apart from each other.

Note: Either staples or nails can be used as perimeter fasteners individually or collectively in the installation process. Nails are preferred in areas where there is small amounts of concrete "blowout" since the strength of the nails can penetrate these areas.

Please Note The Following When Using Nails Where There Is Known Concrete Blowout:

In areas that you believe there is concrete blowout, make sure that you are NOT PIERCING water pipes or other utility lines when affixing the turf with the nails. 





Technical Data: 

Turf Staples/Fasteners:

- 40D
- 5" Grip Rite
- 50lb. Pack


Shipping FAQ's -


What are your delivery charges?

For shipping rates please contact us here:  Shipping Rate Quote


How is my order shipped?

For smaller packages we use FedEx, UPS or USPS. For turf rolls and larger deliveries outside SoCal we use various specialty freight/trucking companies. For all local deliveries we use our own delivery trucks. PLEASE NOTE: All Deliveries are curbside only. Driver does not unload freight, customer must unload freight when the driver arrives.

Can I will call my order?

Yes. Contact us for details.

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